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HPS & Open Source

Performance, a mystified value

Let's face it, you buy big software with big curricula but it's performance are not so good. Some bigger platform that can claim fabulous results have actually chaotic, unusable architecture. Between make or buy, we think that the excellent solution is make. Always.

Open Source, a concrete path

We know that someone say that "the externalization is the better way" for your company to realize your IT projects. They say that this will give you a lower and stable cost, more predictable results and the notorious support. This isn't our idea. We believe that the only valid support on which to rely is yourself. Ask us to help you to innovate with Open Source software. Ask us to help you to elevate your competence.

We can do it, but you can do more

Obviously we can realize almost all architectures and software that the current state of the art can imagine, and we can do that with Open Source software. We can also maintain it whenever you need, but we think that you can also do it yourself. Ask us, we will next you.

High Performance Systems

Our experience on IT systems is centered on High Performance Systems. Database tuning, code profiling and architecture consolidation are normal tasks for us. Try to improve yourself, plan for a speedy system. It works isn't sufficient for us, it works great is our target.