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Our first passion is the Electronic Engineering. We are able to design and develop electronic solutions into analog and digital fields. Our laboratory is prepared to design circuits at the state of the art.


We use modern tools to design, simulate and validate circuits and board projects. All designs are under a strong process and strictly controlled to attain an high grade of confidence between the desired and the real electronic system. A deep use of numerical simulation give us the possibility to reduce the prototyping costs and to decrease the time to market.


Achieved a good simulation result, we can create and assemble the board. All kinds of components can be used, from a standard resistor to advanced micro-controllers. Our reworking center can rapidly execute changes at the designed board whenever it will be needed. In fact, often our design approach give us the possibility to change at runtime the board to modify it's behavior. The modular board design is an our attitude.


After construction we must evaluate the result. We than produce and realize many different scenarios under which evaluate the real results, highlighting every aspect that can impact the operation of the system. If something exists, we found it.