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Embedded Software and Hardware

Software come first, after the hardware will be designed: this is our idea of embedded design. You need to known what your system will do during it's operations. More widely and deeply you will known it's functionalities more accurate the design will be. But also more cheap. Yes, your starting point will determine almost all the quality of the result. In Xyste we known that and we spend more time to clarify our customer's needs before starting with the project. Your embedded system must execute your application and we design it to do that.

Harsh environment, strict timing requirements and full custom size are all factors that in Xyste we can manage. Also, we can develop full custom firmware.

Embedded Linux

If your needs are a 32-bits operating system, your needs are Embedded Linux. And Xyste is a leader into Linux design. From a scratch solution to just a kick-start configuration, we can cover all aspect of Linux development.