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Welcome to Xyste

We are expert in system design. What is a system for us? Try to take a look around on this site, you will understand that a system is almost everything you can imagine, simulate,  design, develop and use. If you need only support for a very special development or if your necessity is to invent a new solution, we will support you. We are the right partner that you need to design your solution. Now.

It's coming!!

That is, it's quite done!! After almost four years of development and with a theoretical study of more than ten years, our flagship project is arriving to public. Stay tuned, it's coming!!

High performance web

A big international editor has hasked us to collaborate with him for the consolidation of the international webfarm, a big datacenter located in the nord of Italy. We will do our best to create a faster media site! Get prepared...

Latest News

We are collaborating with the IT Operations of the "Italian Financial" company, to grant his clients the accessibility to economic and finacial data, orders and trades. Do you want to known more? Search for the "Big Hand" in the middle of the square. Another project is delivered: the design and development of a (almost) real time monitorng system for a wide italian television company.